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Guy: Hurry up, Mr. Ochi! We've got customers!!
Ochi: What?! Already?! But it's early! Oh, fine! We'll just have to wing it! You three go to the temple yard for now! That's where the haunted house is! And leave the weapons here! You're way too quick on the draw!!
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Ochi: Hmm... well, it's an improvement.
Gin: A vampire in a temple? Isn't that in bad taste?
Kagura: We don't mesh. We need unity here. No good, no good, uh-huh.
Ochi: And the costumes you were wearing before meshed?! You call that good taste? Get real! In what universe is there a house that's haunted by Jason and a dead yakuza?!
Kagura: It's Jackson, not Jason, Mr. Ochi. He's an original character I created.
Ochi: What?! You're actually proud of that?!
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Kagura: I'm a ghost, just like you wanted. Kaguriina is a doll possessed by the ghost of a murderer.
Ochi: That's ridiculous!! You look like a hillbilly sushi chef!! And you!! I don't even know what you're supposed to be!!
Shinpachi: I'm the ghost of a yakuza.
Ochi: That's an idiotic idea! Combining two scary things doesn't equal greater scariness! Change your costumes! You can wear the ones from last year!!
Shinpachi: Sorry, Mr. Ochi. Forget the yakuza ghost. I'll be the ghost of a security guard instead. How's that?
Ochi: A security guard?! Do you really think that's any better?!
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