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"Are you serious? Are you really going to run away again? Don’t you ever get tired of losing? Don’t you see? This is your chance Mr. Ochi… real men test their courage every day."

—Sakata Gintoki
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Gin: That's no way to talk during O-Bon. You've still got almost half the year ahead of you. That's more of a New Year's sentiment you're expressing.
Ochi: It's too late! Pessimism spreads like wildfire! We won't have any more customers tonight! It's all over! I'll be kicked off the board!! And after all the years I struggled to reach a position where I could lord it over everyone!! The neighborhood association was the one place where I was allowed to shine!! I get no respect... at home or at my job. I'm scorned at the office as dead wood. My coworkers call me the fallen warrior. At home, those three harpies- my mother, my wife and my daughter order me around like a slave. But it's my own fault. I'm a pathetic wretch! But even I, even a man as pathetic as I am... found one place where he could shine. That was here. People got scared and ran away when they saw me. It was my only taste of what it's like to be a big man. I spend the whole year devising schemes to scare the customers. I can't let it end like this! I'll make this event a success if it kills me!!
Shinpachi: Mr. Ochi!!
Gin: There's no saving him. He'll keep falling forever.
Kagura: Well, Ochi does mean to fall.
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Gin: Hey, good job. You really look like a fallen warrior now.
Ochi: I think I've fallen too far. I'm half-buried in the ground. Like a bungee jumping accident. Like those naked tribesmen that bungee jump and land on their heads. I've had it!! This year is a disaster!! I don't know who's worse, the staff or the customers!! I've had enough!!
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