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Shinpachi: Let's go home, Gin. I'm really getting scared now. He was brushing mayonnaise onto that tree.
Gin: Never mind. He's a mayonnaise sprite. That's how they mark their territory.
Kagura: But I feel like i've seen that sprite before.
Gin: He's the nicotine addict in that commercial. So he's the nicotine fairy.
Shinpachi: He's making this stuff up.
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Shinpachi: Let's go home, Gin. This forest is scary.
Kagura: His whole body is covered with honey.
Gin: Never mind. He's an elf, a tree sap elf. That's how he protects the forest.
Shinpachi: But he kind of looks familiar.
Kagura: The gorilla. That was the gorilla.
Gin: So he's a gorilla elf. He's protecting the gorillas.
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